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About Me

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."
Carl Jung
Vicki Gibbs
Registered Member MBACP


What I do


I practice as a Registered Psychodynamic Psychotherapist or Counsellor, offering once weekly sessions. I work entirely within the Psychodynamic model, but also offer a supportive and non punitive therapeutic space. 


I teach Psychodynamic Skills and Theory at Diploma/Degree level which I have delivered in person and online. Theory modules taught include Psychodynamic Concepts, Time Limited Therapy and Attachment Theory. I am a staff counsellor for a non-profit counselling centre in North London, a volunteer for Frontline 19 working with NHS staff and have my own private practice. 

I have worked within the helping professions for 12 years, including frontline roles within two major charities and have worked with a broad range of clients. I am required as a BACP registered therapist to continuously update my learning, competence and skills. 

Relevant Training


  • BACP Accredited Diploma, Psychodynamic Counselling*

  • Certificate, a foundation in Integrative Counselling 

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology: 3 Modules** 

  • AC Accredited Diploma in neuroscience based Coaching

  • MBTI/Myers Briggs Foundation Programme

  • Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming


 * Academic equivalent to a University Degree delivered via a clinical training institution

 ** Averaged a Distinction across the modules encompassing the Key Concepts in Psychology, a residential Research Project and Child Development. Converted to Psychotherapy.


Memberships & Codes of Conduct


​As a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the largest professional body representing counselling and psychotherapy in the UK) I subscribe to their Ethical framework.


Membership means I have achieved the required level of BACP approved training; have completed at least the number of practice hours required by the BACP; and have undergone my own long-term therapy with a BACP approved Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. I am required to renew my membership on an annual basis and provide evidence of continual professional development (CPD).


As a coach, I also subscribe to the Association for Coaching Code of Ethics


I am a qualified MBTI Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and member of the Professional Guild of NLP.

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